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#1. Withdrawal Agreements

---> Let your account earning until it reach total 50% profit before first withdrawal.
---> Periodic withdrawal is recommended until break even achieved
---> Any withdrawal should keep the equity above initial deposit (plus bonus, if claimed)
---> Until break even achieved, order lot would never be changed

#2. Strategic Investment

---> Never put your investment in one basket, distribute your fund accross multiple accounts
---> Estimated annual return around 30% - 50% depend on how market behave
---> multiplyFx only cost subscription, profit is fully owned by investor
---> Always good practice to open another account with different algorithm with previous account's profit
---> Unlimited accounts are possible, but recommended with different name to avoid suspicion

#3. Share the Wealth

---> The expert advisor is meant for everybody, with mature investment awareness
---> If you happy with the performance, share the word, 10 trillion dollar money is enough for everyone
---> Spesifically to help those in their old age, non-productive event,