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PostHeaderIcon Opening Your Investment Account

#1. Go to to open new forex account

In this page you will find all the information of opening an account and its related terms, conditions and benefits. On separate frame below, you will find trading definitions and terminology.
Great reading to understand how making money from the internet without leaving your house. If you have understand, click on the "accept terms of agreement" as below button.

#2. On click, please fill in Step 1 Initilization page with your email address

Use email address that you frequently check with big storage since you will be expecting daily and monthly trading report. Make sure your mailbox antispam is not blocking instaforex domain, otherwise every communication will be blocked and any trading activity will be lost.
Once completed, click on "Proceed" button as below

#3. On click, please fill in Step 2 Personal data page with your true identity

It is recommended to use your true identity with available evidence you can show later on. Every investment broker have a very secured way to confirm every investor when they are depositing fund into the account and most importantly when they are withdrawing fund out of the investment account. All information entered should be a match with either with your ID-card, passport or bank account information. Phone number should be filled out your daily number which any personal confirmation and trading activity notification will be send to.
Once completed, click on "Proceed" button as below

#4. On click, please fill in Step 3 Account type page as below guide

Choose your password wisely and take a note something just in case you forget. Phone password are used during any support activity and any trading activity such as deposit and withdrawal fund related activities. All other information should be filled out as picture below, especially affiliate code ZUS to enable multiplyFx services running on your terminal platform. Once completed, click "Open Account" button as below

#5. On click, you will be receiving account information from Instaforex

Check on your registered email where you are receiving new mail containing your newly created account information. Take note as necessary and please make sure you are not losing this mail for future reference.
All done, now you have a working investment account to work with.

Next, fund your account