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PostHeaderIcon Indicator Automation

If you have a proven indicator that is working out for you and they have been a very trusted partner for opening position in forex market. But you are having problem to capture the signal, since you are probably busy at work, on the road driving somewhere, or just missed it cause you are not in front of your computer.

I can help you to make these indicators automatically opening trade for you, even when you are sleeping! These indicator automation will now called expert advisor.

What else that I can offer you is giving you the strategy testing results 2 years back, to make sure that your new expert advisor is truly proven, so no more doubt it will bring you financial freedom. This strategy testing was never possible to do with your indicator. Another service I will be providing is giving you the best setting possible for your new expert advisor based on the testing results.

My fee will be one time only and your expert advisor will be yours alone. You can sell it online and of course, use it yourself. One month development and testing is the time I need for this service.

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PostHeaderIcon Copy Trades

Tired of getting screwed by forex market??. Start earning and leave trading to the masters!!
Now I'm providing services to copy a forex master trading trades, as an exact match! All orders of your trades will be exactly the same as the master have.

Account Master that will copied as below

Still on searching for a real forex master!

Sample Slave account that copying master account

If you find one, please let me know!

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Feb 14, 2012
New version 3.0 of martiBot EA released, with automatic hedging capability to minimize equity blast because of sudden deep movement. No more worry because of uncontrolled martingale effect. Risk are lower, manual intervention required after hedging initiated.

Mar 15, 2012
New version 5.0 of smartfrog EA with hedging or averaging capability depend on the remaining equity. Given the new brain, smartFrog will deliver more profit and less time waiting.

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intended for daily manual trader who needs to lock their profit as in addition to built in function such as trailing stop and stoploss. This EA is the answer for those who had very little time to manage the trades and discipline issues but still eager to conquer the forex world.
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this multipair EA will evaluate all 10 major pairs (commercial version) on the same time with one brain. the magnificent EA will analyze all timeframes (M30 to Daily), if all moved on the same direction, then the EA will open trades with a fixed achievable TP. Intended for ...
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